Our sizing

UK sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

EU sizes: 6(XS), 8(S), 10(M), 12(L) ,14(XL)

Double size :

-8/10 (S/M)  – that mean  It’s a size for 8 and 10 ( this applies to all double dimensions) –if you are size 10-12 sometimes this size can be to small for you. Please check dimensions under the product.

-12/14 (L/XL) – that mean It’s a size for 12 and 14  ( this applies to all double dimensions)- if you are size 14-16 sometimes this size can be to small for you.Please check dimensions under the product.   

ONE – SIZE (universal size)  :  This size is universal size and up to every item with one – size sizing , just read description  of item there  you’ll see   what’s the fitting like,  usually fits to more sizes because of elasticity of items or oversized items, few items fits only to sizes 8/10/12 but another fits to 8/10/12/14  but don’t worry It’s true to size, It really fits to more sizes and always looks great.

We checking the sizes very carefully and we describing the products very correctly. Trust us.